Monday, September 03, 2007

Romanian Vacation

Nothing beats a good five weeks holiday in the sun, in the mountains, while living in your own house.

This is Poiana Brasov - main ski resort in Romania. The wide road winding down under the cable car is actually the most used ski slope in the winter : The Red Road.

And here are the Caraiman Mountains - 30 minutes drive from Brasov. These mountains make a fantastic climb - had no luck though to find somebody to go with (running out of friends interested in walking :), but I am becoming more and more obsessed to climb them at least once more in this lifetime.

Well, there is also the alternative to have a barbecue with friends, in less higher places.

Another very nice surprise while being home was going through my old wardrobes and boxes, and finding my 20 years old knits.

In those days, knitting meant a totally different thing then it does now. We had no yarn shops or written patterns. It was hunting for old wool sweaters in charity shops first, then recovering the yarn and wash it, then trying to replicate patterns based on magazines covers or any foreign patterns we could share.

The last step was the most interesting one: creating the charts.

At that time I was working as a computer engineer in the helicopter factory and we were using the huge digital plotter we had in the design department to draw the charts, mostly in the evenings, after the working hours. Knitting charts at the aviation standard :).

None of this excitement is left in our days. We buy ready made patterns and then go for the identical yarn in order to avoid a bit of math. Then the madness to get the gauge. And some of us would not even read a chart but knit after written words.

Where is this world going ?

Anyway - back to reality. I finished my second sock while being in Brasov. I'm just waiting to get inspired to decide to learn grafting. I am a bit intimidated by the idea but we are slowly getting there - I found a few links about it.

No, I am not cheating - that is the second one.


fleegle said...

Those sweaters are beautiful! And you are right--the Follow the Leader concept we have today is not nearly so interesting as wandering around and finding your own way that we did years ago.

Lorelei said...


i found you through ravelry by typing in 'romania' in the search.

i'm new at knitting but the women in my family have been knitting and crocheting forever, it seems. and i'm always impressed by how they can seem to pull a pattern right out of their heads and knit it without consulting any guides or paper patterns. i hope i can do that someday! until then i happily improvise upon patterns.

i really love your first pictured sweater the most!

poiana brasov is one of my favourite places on earth. i'd like to go to university there. you are so lucky to have spent five weeks there!

la revedere,