Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weekend report

No achievements to report on the knitting front.

My St. Brigid it's turning out to be too small - the yarn is lovely but this is not a pattern for a DK yarn - unless totally redesigned. So that's one going back in the ball. Actually it's not in the ball yet as I like to watch it every morning. And I strongly think of doing another repeat and framing it. We'll see.

Now the next disaster. The new sock I started on a Japanese stitch pattern is too small as well - this one really went back in the ball.

Were you going to suggest it might be me growing bigger? Heard it a lot these days. It's already answered in the FAQ list. The answer is NO.
So I just frozen any new ideas waiting for my luck to change and got an old UFO from the UFOs box - hopefully I'll try to finish it during the next weekend. The weather is turning colder so I might as well spend Saturday indoors. It's the green cardi - made out of cotton yarn, on 6mm needles, and it's all rows of bubbles. It is absolutely killing my hands !!! but the good news is that it's almost finished.

A bit of progress on the garden front, as you can see, WE've done the baskets, plus a few other tubs.

and since then, my gardening partner moved her headquarters on the fence, watching them.

The weekend report on trips - just enjoyed what probably were the last summer days. The itinerary was Saturday in Lincoln and then a great Sunday in Felixstowe.
The main reason to go south was to visit some relatives, but all together it turned out into a good trip.

First stop - Lincoln Cathedral

then a stop on a popular street in Lincoln.
Had a smashing English breakfast in the Tea Rooms on the right, just have a look at the cakes. Didn't help my diet at all.
Should I stop complaining my sweaters are going smaller?

and that's Felixstowe on a windy Sunday afternoon.
Fish and chips - and seagulls. And lots of people around pretending to sunbathe in the crispy wind.


chris said...

Ah, when good knits turn bad. I've had a few run-ins like that. The baskets look lovely - and the photo's of Lincoln make me want to visit!

fluffbuff said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear about the size issues. I had the same problem with one of my St. Brigid sweaters and ended up gifting it. After that I knit swatches and even though I always knit that pattern with DK yarn, I was okay. I hope you find a way to salvage that sweater.

Silvia said...

The only way to save it would be for me to lose 10 Kg at least - and that's not going to happend soon :).

Decided to try another pattern with this yarn and to start another St. Brigid in Cascade.

I want to save the swatch though - I hope I'll aford this :).

AnneV said...

Ooooh, I envy you for your gardening assistant. Alan Titchmarsh, eat your heart out! :-D