Monday, January 15, 2007

Dalegarn Sweater ready

In December last year, I finished another sweater for my partner. Just in time for Christmas, so it went as 'The Christmas Present'. Very convenient I would say :).
Unfortunately I had no time for any posts, as I was in a mad hurry to pack and leave the rainy England for a better winter location.

(That's my home town, but I'm not going to tell you where it is, as I totally hate to go home for holiday and find the whole place full of bloody tourists! :)).

Right, back to the sweater.
The photo was taken after my return, during the last weekend, and here is the happy owner, on top of the Yorkshire moors, modeling. I dragged him there, despite the strong and crispy wind, so the sweater colours can go well with the background colours :).

The original pattern is from Dalegarn 144 magazine, (see bellow the cover and the original pattern on the right).

I've only changed the middle bit of the sweater into a two-colours area, according to the customer requirements, and I think it looks at least as good as the original ( me being modest :).
This is a detailed image : on the RS the white bit is knitted and the brown one is purled. Obviosly it's the other way around on the WS - and this was really 'fun' :).

The yarn is Blueface Leicester Aran ( from my stash) and I am sure I'll never use it again, as it was full of garbage. Otherwise very nice and soft...the sheep should definitely be allowed to shoot the manufacturer :).