Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Images

I didn't manage any updates to my knitting blog this year and I feel a bit guilty.

In part this is due to the fact that I did NO knitting - it simply didn't happen.
As for the rest, there is this quote that can't be more true: blogging requires pasion and authority - which leaves out most people...

So I thought: today, last day of the year, let's try some images to recap 2012 (out of guilt I guess).
Before I start plastering the images, I must say that 2012 has been a great year from all possible respects.

I wouldn't know what more to ask from 2013, but looking forward to be (positively, of course) surprised.


The Savile Park long saga coming to an end. Started packing and frantically looking for another place.
Again finding myself all alone to fight it - but hey, been here before.

New home in Horsforth and we love it! New everything : furniture, carpets, plants, appliances - all in all, being abandoned had its advantages - the fresh smell of paint :).


Discovering the woods around Horsforth - magical place. I love it. Ten minutes away from my house.
I think I got the relocation right.


Romania. Valea Prahovei. 3000 m high.
Friends, barbecues, mountains, flights.


Visitig Jo in Grenoble. Five days of walking the city - what a nice place, and the cakes are no doubt to die for.


Feizor revisited. The place I'd rather be. All the time :).
(And yes, I know the picture is not right, one day I'll figure out how to rotate it, ok? it looks fine in irfanview, portrait and all that, so I'm really running out of ideas...)

Looking forward to 2013 - the knitting bit

This is a sweater I started ages ago. Unfortunately can't remember where is the pattern from nor can I find anything written down in this respect. I'll investigate soon though - it will be match my 'feeling blue' days :). The blue is not right in the picture - I hope I win the lottery and get a decent camera.

Looking forward to 2013 - the rest

(Copy/ paste from last year's December)

- get fit
- lose weight
- be nicer to people and small animals
- findind Mr. Right
- floss more often

...we all get the point, I hope...

Happy New Year 2013 !