Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Snow during the weekend

We had a bit of snow during the weekend and this is quite unusual for England. It doesn't snow very often here, therefore any amount of snow always triggers a big traffic panic. The best way to deal with this is to drive your kids to school yourself and see them arriving safe there. Do not rely on buses. I lived most of my life in a country with three months of proper snow per year and we just got on with it - no closed traffic or closed schools. England is a weird place :).
Anyway - the best part was that we had a chance to get out of the house in the morning and took some great photos over Halifax in the way back from school.

The snow is long gone today but it's still very cold.

This is what I've been doing during the weekend. I abandoned my lace cardi for the moment - I feel a bit stuck with all the bands etc. so I had to start something new for a change.

I bought this yarn quite cheap from ebay - it's Jaeger shetland aran. The colour is much darker than I wanted (and than in the image) and the yarn has a kind of white hairy fuzz which I hate. I spend more time pulling out those hairs then knitting.
Otherwise it is nice and soft and what a great stitch definition.

I just wanted to destash and I wanted a warm cardi for my cold and drafty office. Because the colour is so dark I wasn't bothered with a proper design so I am inventing my own pattern as I go. This is actually the second attempt.
The first one was this:

and I wasn't sure at all I liked it - it had too many different zig-zags...
I would still do it a bit different the third time :)) - I think I just discover it's not easy at all to be a designer.