Monday, May 30, 2011

Crescent Moon

I'm switching hobbies these days. What do you mean 'again' ?

Nothing major (although I'm still tempted to try dating once more :)).

This is it, the Japanese crescent moon:

Not bad for my first attempt at crochet.
I'll do a proper technical post on my other 'Japanese blog' - follow the link if you're in the mood for a new shawl or in the mood for trying crochet.
It's Bank holiday today and miserable weather - really hope for an improvement tomorrow - I want to go in the Dales again for a bit of fresh perspective.This is from a few weeks ago - around Ingleton. I could feel this tree and it made me sad.

It's when I know it's time to buy the plane tickets to go home and recharge.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Interesting how I was searching a couple of things in Google today, and came across my own, very much neglected blog.

(OK, clarification : I was searching for Starmore's Tudor Roses - quite specialised search you'll say ... well :))

Nobody reads this blog anymore, anyway (...and for these sort of statements I'm known as the queen of sweeping statements...), apart from me, twice a year - I love revising my life, even if it's by accident, lol.
(This 'lol' stuff is a new term I've just learnt from some infamous dating site - don't ask :). I digress, however I'll come back to tell the story one day. )

The updates, in no particular order :
Emotionally I feel very much like an overexposed photo these days. Bright light and impossible to retrace back any details - can't remember how it happened or when. It just did and it feels quite nice actually.
Need to re-adjust my ISO levels I think, but for now I'll keep it going for a bit longer - never experienced this totally different dimension of human chemistry. It's probably just one-sided, however what a really interesting man... I'm totally struck.
I know it doesn't make sense but I know what I mean and that's the important bit, right?
Other updates? Not sure anything else would qualify worth mentioning by comparison.