Monday, October 29, 2007


Marsden is a small village near us, and it is famous (at least in my agenda) for two things : the annual Jazz Festival and the high moorland surrounding the place.

In term of jazz, our pick for this year was Liane Carroll. We started the evening in our usual tradition, first stopping in a local pub famous for brewing their own local beer - then finally arriving in the Mechanics Hall for the concert itself. The concert was definitely a ten out of ten. I am not a big jazz fan but that was a beautiful live performance.

I heard the Local Council wants to stop this Festival due to whatever reasons. Just shows their level of competence and the level of understanding their own community traditions. Fingers crossed somebody will wake them up. Or vote them out.

One week later (last weekend - not yesterday, but the one before) , we've decided to go for a(nother) walk on the Marsden moors (surprise, surprise) along the three big reservoirs. Dedicated to a glorious autumn which definitely did not disappoint us.

Knitting wise I am only stashing all sorts. I feel lazy and can't decide on anything. Too many UFO's floating around. Bought some Silky Wool and some Noro Silver Thaw which was on sale.

I was close to start Lizzy then I've seen a few Lizzys on Ravelry and didn't like any of them.

Great thing this Ravelry.
I can easily see a few features I'd add or do them a bit differently - I guess I should try to write a nice intelligent feedback to them one of these days.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Spot the difference

How more stupid can I get?
No, it's not one repeat shorter - just in case you were going to count them.
It's the wrong needle size !!!
I am trying hard to get over it - wanted so much to get this out of the way - I feel like throwing the whole thing in the box again - FOR EVER.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Martha is coming along

The back is successfully finished with only 2 balls of yarn.
I've changed the pattern a bit, by inserting a 2-st cross on each side of the cable pattern. The rest is the same as the original. I will change the front parts as well - simply because I hate picking up stitches on edges - so we'll have different borders.

Anyway, I'm going to stop Martha for a while and try to sew the green cardi, which is floating around the house for a few months now.

Remember this?

And it needs buttons as well - I guess I'll have to take the train on Saturday and go in Leeds - I might find some nice ones in the market.

The past two weeks have been totally and absolutely hectic - I've been traveling non stop between several Universities for the Open Days. At least we managed to finalise a list of five - and now it's up to them to accept us or not. I would love to see my daughter going to Edinburgh - I was so much in love with the place - but it's only down to luck now I presume.

On top of all the traveling I've managed to pile some walking as well, on Sunday morning. I'm known to be restless.

This is the famous Stoodley Pike and the views from the tower, over the Calder valley, are really rewarding. I feel I've got full batteries again for a while.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Edinburgh and Martha

This is Edinburgh Royale Mile street, on a sunny Sunday morning.

We decided to travel up north during the weekend, in order to attend the University Open Day. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we might have a student there next year. Can't believe I am now sending my child to the University.
Arrived there right on time on Saturday afternoon, and went straight through half day of lectures, presentations and tours around the campus.

We loved the University and most of all we loved the city: majestic, vibrant and cosmopolitan. Since Sunday I keep thinking about relocation :)...
Knittingwise, I'm still not able to get over the past failures - so I'm not touching those yarns for a while.
Started Martha instead.
A good, healthy, relaxing stockinette portion. I hope this will get me back on tracks.

Voila, this is Martha from Rowan Studio Book 2, and this is where I am now, after one good session of knitting in the car, ripping, and knitting again. The pattern required to start with 4 repeats not 3.
I wish I could be more oriented towards understanding English language.

The Yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed in Melody, very nice and soft, but do not trust the color in my picture as it's obviously totally wrong, due to my stupid camera.