Monday, October 01, 2007

Edinburgh and Martha

This is Edinburgh Royale Mile street, on a sunny Sunday morning.

We decided to travel up north during the weekend, in order to attend the University Open Day. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we might have a student there next year. Can't believe I am now sending my child to the University.
Arrived there right on time on Saturday afternoon, and went straight through half day of lectures, presentations and tours around the campus.

We loved the University and most of all we loved the city: majestic, vibrant and cosmopolitan. Since Sunday I keep thinking about relocation :)...
Knittingwise, I'm still not able to get over the past failures - so I'm not touching those yarns for a while.
Started Martha instead.
A good, healthy, relaxing stockinette portion. I hope this will get me back on tracks.

Voila, this is Martha from Rowan Studio Book 2, and this is where I am now, after one good session of knitting in the car, ripping, and knitting again. The pattern required to start with 4 repeats not 3.
I wish I could be more oriented towards understanding English language.

The Yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed in Melody, very nice and soft, but do not trust the color in my picture as it's obviously totally wrong, due to my stupid camera.


confiance said...

On a completely unrelated note: I found your blog during a search for the Sandra September 2006 issue. I really want to knit the lacy cardigan that you knitted and am having trouble finding a copy of the magazine.

Do you have any suggestions or are you willing to sell the magazine? Or sell me a copy of those pages? Please, please, let me know!

Silvia said...

I am really sorry I can't help you with the pattern.
You might want to try the local library or ebay - post your request in "I want this item" section - somebody might have the magazine.

good luck, Silvia