Friday, April 27, 2007

Alice Starmore Tudor Roses is here

Two days ago I finally decided to buy a copy of this book - firstly because it is still available quite cheap from Jannette Rare Yarns (and nightmares of the stock disappearing were haunting me for a while now), and secondly because I wanted to start a new sweater and I think I want to go for a pattern similar to Catherine Parr.
And obviously because the dollar went down against the pound :) and I can afford it now that it's 'half price':).
I should not really joke about this as this is bad news for my friends abroad buying things from UK.
I got the book in the post yesterday morning - so this will make a 'next morning delivery service' - 5 stars for Jannette here. And what a beautiful book.

So now it's between the Baltic and the Catherine Parr patterns. O maybe a combination of them?
Would Catherine Parr have wanted to be associated with the Baltic Sea?

Anyway, I'm going to use some light blue DB merino aran, which I bought two years ago, and some dark blue cashmerino leftovers, both from my stash (points here!), just so I'll clear more room for more yarns.
Makes sense, I hope :).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Libbi cardigan

This cardigan was love at first sight when I first saw it on the Helen McCabe's website. I like bubbles, so these patterns are definitely for me.
First I thought she is selling the kits - but no, it's not the case, it's the finished garments you get.

So I am approximating my own pattern, based on her pattern. I don't know if this is ethical or not - anyway I try to feel better about this by advertising her website here. Somebody might decide to get one of the ready made sweaters she is selling. They are beautiful.

My modifications : instead of four lines of bubbles I'll have three lines and I will have to imagine the cables and the repeats.

I had another attempt to start it, a few months ago, with Aurora 8 but I did not like it for some obscure reason so I've ordered some thick cotton from elann : Online Ravenna - green. I wanted some nice strong green.
This is the green on their website.

but it's not quite what you get. What you get is a much more psychedelic yellowish version of it, which looks a bit like this (can't capture the color right ).
Anyway - it's a very strong fresh green and here is where I am now. I've started it last Sunday. I have no idea if I'm going to ever wear this color - but I need to do it.

Obviously I did abandon everything else.

I am going to need more yarn probably; it is disappearing so fast on 6 mm needles and with all these bubbles. I never order enough, I've got 750 gr - WHAT WAS I THINKING ??? - but it will be a good occasion to get something else as well with the next delivery. The only problem is that the cheapest delivery from Canada in UK is taking 6 weeks.

It will not be cotton ever, I decided I do not like cotton - never used it before - but it is so demanding, especially the k3togs.

On a more optimistic tone : my climber is climbing and attempts to covered the old, long time unused antennas.

This is always great news when nature knows its ways to cover all the technical crap we're polluting the planet with. A big well done to the climber !