Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Introducing La Digitessa

"She is demanding. She certainly has a will of her own. She is elegance in person. She's exciting! She shall be knit toe-up on a circular needle. "

And that's how we first met, on flickr.

The Yarnissima La Digitessa.

I instantly knew that she is just perfect for my first toe-up sock.

Your 'first time' projects should be special, challenging and beautiful. Like your first time love affair. Don't make it dull and simple just because it's the first time - for God sake.

So I've ordered this kit, by mistake I'd say, you can download just the pattern if you want to keep it in budget - obviously I did not realise this at the time.

But to be honest I'm so glad I got the kit. Just have a look.

You get a beautiful skein of merino yarn, a booklet, two milka eggs, another small skein of yarn in a different colour for a swatch, in a small bag with a perfumed customised label, another small bag with coffee candies, a small plastified sheet with your leg pattern, a perfumed thank you note, pink wrapping paper with small stickers with Yarnissima socks images on them, small photos of other products - what else ?

Best parcel I EVER got ! Honestly.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sex versus knitting

Ravelry just displayed a new group : Recovering Sex Addicts through knitting.
First question which popped in my mind obviously was 'Who ( I was going to say 'who the f..k') has time for sex anymore?', and especially with all this Ravelry new world around.
No, sorry, to be completely honest the first question was 'someone please remind me what is this sex thing ?', but that's another topic all together.

Anyway - they only collected one member in two days. And there is no welcome message posted yet. You wonder what's the moderator busy with.

Somebody send me a man to make me a sex addict. I'm certainly ready to give up the knitting addiction :).