Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Introducing La Digitessa

"She is demanding. She certainly has a will of her own. She is elegance in person. She's exciting! She shall be knit toe-up on a circular needle. "

And that's how we first met, on flickr.

The Yarnissima La Digitessa.

I instantly knew that she is just perfect for my first toe-up sock.

Your 'first time' projects should be special, challenging and beautiful. Like your first time love affair. Don't make it dull and simple just because it's the first time - for God sake.

So I've ordered this kit, by mistake I'd say, you can download just the pattern if you want to keep it in budget - obviously I did not realise this at the time.

But to be honest I'm so glad I got the kit. Just have a look.

You get a beautiful skein of merino yarn, a booklet, two milka eggs, another small skein of yarn in a different colour for a swatch, in a small bag with a perfumed customised label, another small bag with coffee candies, a small plastified sheet with your leg pattern, a perfumed thank you note, pink wrapping paper with small stickers with Yarnissima socks images on them, small photos of other products - what else ?

Best parcel I EVER got ! Honestly.


Jeanne said...

Wow - beautiful sock! Its really gorgeous!

fluffbuff said...

That is a beautiful sock!

Sophie said...

Dammit! Just when I'm on a yarn/pattern diet : choking :

Very nice sock and I like your blog, too ;-)