Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sandra Lace cardigan - finally finished

Have you seen my new motto?
Less blogging is more knitting - so from now on I'll (try to) be short.

This is the finished thing and it's just perfect - my daughter worn it already and she looks to be very pleased with it. Now - to get my teenager excited about a knitted sweater, that's something :).

An image of the original pattern here, and it took approx. 4 balls of yarn.

I used the original Lang Mohair, it's basically identical with Kidsilk Haze.

I'm happy it's finished - another one out of the UFOs list.

Time to cast on :). Want to see what I'm up to next ?

Visit my new blog: Knitting Elegance - it's all about this new Japanese knitting craze.

Those patterns are just great and I blame it all on fleegle.

You can join now or you can join later :).
Resistance is futile.
You'll be assimilated.

(I read this on a blog - sorry can't remember where, to give the credit to the right person :)).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sandra lace cardigan ready - well, almost...

I went back to actually finish the blue wrap cardi, as my daughter is impatiently waiting for it. I had to take a break at some point, as I was begining to have enough of all this never ending knitting of small parts.

Finally all ten of them finished.

Now I am in THAT stage where I really sincerely and trully hope that Sandra Magazine will send me a message saying how impressed they are with my work on their pattern and that obviously it will be a pleasure for them to assembly the whole thing for me if I might require this...I am sure lots of people know what I mean.

It's never going to happen, is it? so I better look for my bloody needle now. Do not expect miracles though, I need good day light for all the edge stitches spotting, in all this mohair stuff.

A bit of update of the weekend adventures.

End of April is always the bluebells season in the crags around Hebden Bridge, the weather was great, so we decided to go for a walk in the woods.
To cut the story short: the day started with me being misleaded about where we're actually going (which always pisses me off in the end), got the wrong shoes (because I was sure we are doing a different (and much easier) trail), then walked through a river for about four miles and got totally wet in the first two minutes (I didn't have my proper walking boots on, did I?), got lost, refused to jump in a thirty meters high hole despite my partner reassuring me that it might be safe, arguments and shouting, got lost (mentioned this one before?), climbed for ever through mud and stones towards light, ended up on private land surrounded by wired fences, jumped the fences, seen a deer, had to face the owners, found out where we are, finally fully realised we are indeed lost, hurt my foot, long walk back to Heptonstall, happy ending up in a pub. Long live Timothy Taylor.

Yes, you can see a picture of the bluebells now.

Two days later now, I am looking at this image and can't stop thinking what a great day we had!