Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sandra lace cardigan

This one is for my daughter - it's the first time she decided she wants a hand knitted outfit, or to be more specific, first time when she thought knitting might be cool.
You can imagine I rushed into ordering the yarn before she would change her mind, that's how pathetic I am :).

I've started it two weeks ago but I had so many problems with my wireless connection in my computer, I just had no chance to post earlier.

This is more or less the stage now - I am knitting the lace band and it looks like it will take for ever.
I am still puzzled about how it's going to look with all the bands attached - but this bridge would have to be crossed later on.
I used the original yarn: Lang Mohair Luxe, from Rikes Wollmaus, as I had no idea about any substitute. After I received it I realised Kid Silk Haze would have worked perfectly as well, but still I think I prefer the colours in Lang Mohair.
The pattern is from Sandra September 2006.


barbara said...

wow, what a beautiful project....i can't wait to see the results of your talents.

i am commenting for the first time but am a great admirer of your work.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful! Great pattern, and it looks like its going to be very nice. Always great when our kids want something handknit, isn't it?

Zia said...

Your daughter is so lucky! That is one gorgeous wrap cardi and it's coming along nicely. :)

fleegle said...

Lovely! Looks so soft and warm.

Francesca said...

What a lovely pattern. I've never seen that magazine, but now I want to check it out.

mmmwilkie said...

Beautiful knitting. I don't know the rules of a blog, so excuse me if this is not allowed. But, I would love to know where to buy the pattern.


Creative Works said...

I love your work and your motto, too ;)

modernmonk said...


love this so much, compliments!
I would like to make it myself, but can't find the pattern anymorecan you help me with this?