Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Currently on the needles

This is the first post after returning from our Romanian vacation. It was great (as usual) spending time with family and friends.
It was equally nice to visit my home again and clean and dust and get the sun and some fresh air in.
And of course I had a chance to browse my old knitting magazines and bring a few old Rebecca numbers back here.
So my 'wish list' is rapidly growing.
Now this is the update on the projects currently on the needles.

Kinsale - Alice Starmore design from Fishermen Sweaters.

The yarn is Karabella Aurora 8 ( lovely yarn ), in a horrible electric colour which I simply hate. Why did I bought this colour? God knows.
I am obviosly cheating here, as the original pattern is calling for a much thinner yarn and smaller needles - but it's more and more often I get this feeling that life is much shorter than I thought is going to be - (and this feeling is entirely based on the number of sweaters I can knit per year :)).

Right, the second one is a no name sweater, from a Dale of Norway magazine.

The yarn is a nice brown shade of Bluefaced Leicester Aran - my Canon camera is not very accurate lately, don't know why.
The original pattern was all in white, I've decided to add another color to the fair isle bit, which is a nice oatmeal. The pic doesn't do justice to the colours.