Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sandra Lace cardigan - finally finished

Have you seen my new motto?
Less blogging is more knitting - so from now on I'll (try to) be short.

This is the finished thing and it's just perfect - my daughter worn it already and she looks to be very pleased with it. Now - to get my teenager excited about a knitted sweater, that's something :).

An image of the original pattern here, and it took approx. 4 balls of yarn.

I used the original Lang Mohair, it's basically identical with Kidsilk Haze.

I'm happy it's finished - another one out of the UFOs list.

Time to cast on :). Want to see what I'm up to next ?

Visit my new blog: Knitting Elegance - it's all about this new Japanese knitting craze.

Those patterns are just great and I blame it all on fleegle.

You can join now or you can join later :).
Resistance is futile.
You'll be assimilated.

(I read this on a blog - sorry can't remember where, to give the credit to the right person :)).


Marina said...

I like that. It's gorgeous! And so dainty.

Lucy said...

Very pretty - love the colour - Congratulations!

Rita said...

Gorgeous cardigan and I love the colour too!

AWeiss said...

Hi! New to your blog, but I'm addicted to KSH, and that might be my next project once the current scarf is finished... Thanks for the inspiration!

Eilene said...

This is soooo gorgeous!!! I want one. Where is the pattern from?

Silvia said...

The pattern is from Sandra Knitting Magazine September 2006.
I bought here:

donnac368 said...

Looks like they're out. It is beautiful. Wish I had th pattern!

fleegle said...

Ah, the Resistance is futile quote is from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the motto of The Borg, a rather anti-social group of aliens who go around and assimilate other races into their collective.

Again, a fabulously gorgeous sweater, of which pattern I would love to have!

Flower said...

Beautiful, I love it very much

Anonymous said...

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