Friday, April 27, 2007

Alice Starmore Tudor Roses is here

Two days ago I finally decided to buy a copy of this book - firstly because it is still available quite cheap from Jannette Rare Yarns (and nightmares of the stock disappearing were haunting me for a while now), and secondly because I wanted to start a new sweater and I think I want to go for a pattern similar to Catherine Parr.
And obviously because the dollar went down against the pound :) and I can afford it now that it's 'half price':).
I should not really joke about this as this is bad news for my friends abroad buying things from UK.
I got the book in the post yesterday morning - so this will make a 'next morning delivery service' - 5 stars for Jannette here. And what a beautiful book.

So now it's between the Baltic and the Catherine Parr patterns. O maybe a combination of them?
Would Catherine Parr have wanted to be associated with the Baltic Sea?

Anyway, I'm going to use some light blue DB merino aran, which I bought two years ago, and some dark blue cashmerino leftovers, both from my stash (points here!), just so I'll clear more room for more yarns.
Makes sense, I hope :).


fleegle said...

The one on the right, definitely!

Jeanne said...

I love this book - I bought it a couple of years ago, and frequently just look at the patterns - so beautiful! I like both of the patterns and actually had put both on my "someday" list...I like Catherine Parr better, but Baltic is beautiful too! Good luck with the sweater - can't wait to see your progress.