Monday, September 24, 2007

More Japanese Stitch Dictionary Books

Japanese Knitting And Crochet Patterns Books

I compiled this list for the Knitting Elegance KAL, and posted here by mistake. Then I thought I might as well leave it here as well - just in case somebody feels like becoming interested in Japanese knitting.

Knitting Patterns Book 250

Knitting Patterns 250 in

Knitting Patterns Book 300

Knitting Patterns Book 300 in YesAsia

Knitting Patterns Book 300

Knitting Pattern Book 300 in

Knitting Patterns Book 500

Knitting Patterns 500 in

Knitting Patterns Book 1000

Knitting Patterns 1000 in

Knitting Patterns Book 100 - Aran Patterns

Knitting Patterns 100 in

Knitting Patterns Book 250

Knitting Patterns 250 in

Crochet Patterns 300

Crochet Patterns 300 in

Crochet Patterns 200

Not available in

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Marjorie said...

Thank you for showing the different books. Although I taught myself enough Italian and French to decipher instructions in magazines and books, Japanese seemed a little formidable. But the Japanese patterns are so beautiful, that I want to see if I can master them. I just checked the stitch dictionaries on YesAsia, and I couldn't tell if these books overlapped or had unique patterns, and your post provides a lot of the information I'll need to get started in acquiring them.

I didn't know about that KAL either.