Monday, September 10, 2007

My first pair of socks

Anyone left on the this planet that never did socks? No? Well, I thought so.
Anyway - finally, here are mine. Aren't they gorgeous?

The truth is these socks were waiting for grafting for about three weeks now.
Somehow on Friday evening I had the sudden impulse to finish them. Went straight home, straight at the computer desk, googled for a grafting tutorial and did the grafting. It was really easy.
I never imagined it's such fun to knit socks - somehow I was never tempted to try. Maybe because in the back of my mind I was really intimidated by the whole folklore around the heel and toe shaping. Mind barriers are terrible things. I should stop reading knitting forums and just GET ON with the patterns.

Oh, yes. Another cycling weekend. We try to use every single nice day left - very soon there will be no outdoor activities till next spring.

A bit of gardening - more plants for the tubs.

And guess who's patiently waiting for the planting session?

Unfortunately, in the end, the rain started so the plants and the cat are still waiting.


Marina said...

They sure are! Gorgeous, ie.

And you're not the last one as I can't count the one pair I did years ago which has more holes (short row heel) than socks should have!

fluffbuff said...

First pair of socks and you start with lace? Double congratulations!

I love the tuxedo kitty. :)

Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks! And beautiful pictures too!

chris said...

Lovely Socks!!! Congratulations on the first pair - they are addictive. Beautiful countryside you have there.

Lucy said...

Your socks are gorgeous - and you are definitely not the last one!! I have yet to to knit even one sock!! Congratulations!

Lucy said...

By the way I love your cat - one of mine is black-and-white too!! His name is Hereward and he will be 16yrs old next month!

Nikki said...

You did cables (or is it lace, can't tell) for your first pair of socks? I still haven't done cables or lace socks. Yes, they are lovely.

Silvia said...

It's lace but the pattern is just easy to remember, I would recommend it to anyone for the first pair. Easy and so rewarding.

fleegle said...

You are now officially hooked! I admire your cables--I tried that on one pair and just hated doing cables on those teensy needles. My hat is off to you (fleegle bows low in admiration).