Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been infected

It's the Sockbug (from Sockbug :) - and guess what, my first pair of socks is emerging right now !

Can't wait to finish this pair - I'm so excited how easy it was to figure out 'the sock technology'. For the next pair I think I'll move into creating my own design.

The only problem with knitting socks is that I spend A LOT OF TIME trying them on every other row. Just can't resist.

Obviously the black and white background is my cat - she is fascinated, as always, by any new thing WE are doing.

Yarn : Colinette Jitterbug (one skein)
Pattern: Rapid Rivers Socks - basic and easy to follow - I like this approach.
Modifications to the pattern : one repeat less for the leg - mostly due to yardage constrains.
Overall experience : priceless. For everything else there's Mastercard.


JL said...

I love the colour of your sock.

My first pair of handknitted socks is waiting to say HI to yours too.

fleegle said...

What a lovely color and pattern! I am glad you have discovered another addiction.

The earthquake was up north. Where I was, the room gyrated a bit, but nothing more than te usual weekly tremor. The nuclear accident, though, was far scarier. Of course, the government first announced that the fire was actually at a nearby factory that used oil for something. Right. Sure.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty! I have some Jitterbug but haven't used it because of the yardage issue. This is a great pattern for the yarn!