Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Japanese lace top finished

I discovered a few Japanese knitting books on different blogs few months ago, and since than, my own Japanese collection of patterns is growing.

I started knitting this top in April I think, based on a chart from this great stitch dictionary:

250 Knitting Patterns, book which I can't recommend enough.

In the meantime I joined KnittinginJapan group and even started a KAL for these books - so for more details and photos you'll have to move on the Knitting Elegance KAL.

One more photo here, from a great weekend in London : the Tour de France started in England this year and it was just spectacular to watch. I was so impressed I might even decide to go on my bike again :).


Marina said...

It's gorgeous, Silvia. I want to be you when I grow up ;-)

Funny, I didn't get that feeling when we happened to come across the start of the Tour de France in Paris a few years ago!

Silvia said...

I am only training for fair isle ;). One day I aspire to get there.

best wishes,

fleegle said...


Francesca said...

Wow, really.

Lucy said...

Silvia - stunning sweater - just gorgeous ! I am watching the Tour de France on TV at the moment - Missed the Prologue though (my son forgot to remind me it had started!)so thanks for the photo - they do have a weekly update of the tour though so I may get to see the start yet!! I lived in London for 6 years and have fond memories of New Years Eve celebrations in Trafalgar Square!My son and I watch the tour every year - it's my annual trip to Europe!!In my teens I spent a week in Paris - in the Spring season - fun memories of that too!!

Laritza said...

The top is beautiful. I have a bunch of things OTN at different levels of completion. Next week I am traveling overseas. From what I hear knitting needles are not allowed in airplanes in Europe. I started a crochet cardigan from one of the Japanese books as well. I hope to make a good dent on it during endless hours in flight.