Thursday, June 21, 2007

GGH Bali - what to do with it...

Just received 700 gr. of Bali in light green and lots of other balls in all sorts of different colors, and guess what, I have no idea what to do with it.
I did a small swatch for something I originally had in mind (long story), hear this now: I've even washed it,

but I'm still not keen at all about the look and feel of this yarn.
50% acrylic.
What did I expect?

Lovely colors though - any suggestions ?


KnitYoga said...

Oh, the colours are just gorgeous! Put together they would make a lovely cheerful throw! Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-)

Charity said...

Oh, that's funny, I LOVE this yarn! I used it to knit my son a sweater at Christmas, and it has held up so well, I bought more to knit one for myself! Many washings later, it still looks like it just came off the needles. :0) I hope you find a good use for it!

mmkm69 said...

I like the very dark red between the yellow and the green ball. Can you tell me the number of the colour?

Silvia said...

The one between the yellow and the green is Farbe 100 - it's more a kind of light red-brown.
If you want I can post you a cutting - red is difficult to photograph and it might be misleading.

mmkm69 said...

Thank you for writing the number of the colour. I think post me a cutting is to difficult, because I'm living in Germany, but thanks a lot. I will look for this colour at the next visit in the Yarn-Shop.