Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 And such a fresh start

I can't believe I didn't post anything in December - I guess it's all down to bad weather and the associated 'no trips/no photos' combination. Unless you count Blackpool as going out.

The main news is that I've started a new job and I'm quite excited about it - I went back to programming after years of project management (read 'farting around' while waiting for my papers) but there are lots of new experimental things involved in it, new technologies, rfid, hexadecimals, bla, bla, bla, so it's kind of worth the effort. The effort of remembering elementary syntax I mean.

Knittingwise I'm happy now with my last stash burner project, which obviously had to undergo surgery at the end as all the others - yes, it is important to go down a needle size while doing the ribbing.

Repeat this till it sinks in. Doesn't look like I can ever remember it. Can you spot the 'deja vu' look in her eyes?

My own pattern - and I have plans to add some elements to it as I find it quite boring now that it's finished. Some bobbles or leaves or I don't know what. I will attempt a decent photo soon - if we ever see the sun again in Yorkshire.

The other thing I'm knitting/sneezing/knitting is the Cluster Berry sweater, which I strongly hope to finish till next week, to wear it at my first management meeting with the new company. I wrote 'knitting' as my hobby in my resume - I'll see how many of my new bosses will make the association.
The yarn was a bargain (can I ever resist) and it's all over the house now, a blue angora cloud which is just taking over everything.

Plans for 2009 . I think I'll be happy to be able to complete a sweater each 3 months : Demi is first on the list but I don't have the yarn for it yet, a Japanese pattern+yarn waiting and might be actually the next one, nice green stash aran yarn + my own pattern waiting, and St. Brigid maybe. And can we fit other things in between : Yes, we can.

Let's hope for a good year.

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