Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forteen ninty five

Went out today to take a few photos of my newly finished sweater.

I can't understand this black margin in my resized photo - I will investigate later.

The place is called the Castle Hill and it's near Huddersfield. Nice countryside but grey clouds and very windy. The weather was like this all spring - on the other hand it has been a good test for my sweater which seams to be wind proof as well as warm.

I think I'm going to love it. And I want to get more Rowan Cocoon in the future - these have been mill ends bough cheap in Coldspring Mil ( 14.95 for a big bag 950 gr.) and the yarn is quite fuzzy and very loosely spun.

If I'd do this pattern again I would do the sleeves on less stitches - I could clearly see they were too large, just that somehow when I follow a pattern I tend to become dumb and not think anymore. I guess guidence comes with its limitations. And here is another photo from a nearby forest. Bluebells are out.


Knitting-Twitter said...

hi from Switzerland,
you are one fantastic knitter!!!
greetings Christa

Anonymous said...

Nick work! It looks so comfortable, too. I think the sleeves look fine, but I know what you mean about going dumb when following a pattern; I do it all the time.