Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Rivers

Little Rivers from Starmore's Stillwater. The pattern is splendid but it is quite challenging, with a lot of action on the WS as well.

The yarn is Jamieson's Soft Shetland from my stash. I bought it in late January, left it for a week to become stash, then started the sweater.
I found that people look at you with more respect when you say : 'ah, the yarn is from my stash...'
Now the thing which is totally puzzling me is why did they use the word 'Soft' to label this yarn? What's soft about this yarn? Anyone?
The result is very nice though - it's going to be one of those love-hate relationships with me and this yarn.
Knitting is very difficult (can't quite explain why) so I've imposed myself to only do 6 rows a day.
I could have easily skipped the gym subscription and just knit this sweater instead...10 minutes on the bicycle: 200 Kcals, 1 row with Little Rivers: one million Kcals.


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous! Love the cables, and the color is very pretty! I have some Jamieson's and I'd agree - wouldn't describe it as soft...

Susan said...

Very pretty! I agree about the roughness; this would be a good time to try some rich and thick knitters' hand cream. I must say that this "soft" yarn nearly did me in last year and the hand cream only provided milk relief. However, the color is gorgeous and those cables are sublime.

Marina said...

You'll get used to it! It did take a while and being unfaithful only makes the process more difficult. I find it easier if I just stick to knitting with Shetland. It does soften up with washing.

That's a gorgeous colour and the cables really "pop"!