Monday, February 11, 2008

Martha is finally off the needles

This cardi was a quick knit, at least once I managed to translate an awfully written pattern into a decent chart.

People, get a grip ! Please publish chats, for idiots like me, which can't read words like ssk, ssdtk, k3tog, k2tbkugfddgbvszyhzb etc. Thank you.
Right, these are all the parts ready to be assembled.
My 'favourite' game.
And this is how it goes. I use to stick needles, stitch by stitch, along the edges just to make sure I have them align properly. What do you mean I'm a control freak? It looks great in the end.

Keep reading my blog in the next days and you might see the real thing blocked and eventually ready.
Weekend update. The weather changed completely and we had a beautiful sunny and warm weekend. Thanks God - I was beginning to go nuts spending the last at least five weekends indoors.

This is Saturday, we did a good walk in the Lyme Park.

Is this real spring or what?
A few funny naked trees.

The city in the distance, under that pink cloud is Manchester and the pink cloud is actually all the pollution we are breathing in and out every single day. I was realy grateful for a day out of pink clouds.

This road had a very special light somehow, and reminded me of the 'Road not taken' poem.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference."

There will be always a time in out life when we need this poem at hand.


fluffbuff said...

Looking good! Next time I have to attach a sleeve to a body, I am going to use your system. I just need to go buy a few hundred pins first. :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya - it's Tracy from Halifax.
Not related to this post, but I went to ColdSpring Mill yesterday and they have got some great deals on Noro....
Thought you might be interested

Love Tracy

alienated_bookworm said...

Honeychild, there ARE lots of websites explaining knitting terms and abbreviations! e.g.
Whatever you want to know, about almost any subject, just google it!

Good job on Martha, though!

Silvia said...

Hi Tracy,
just hoping you'll come back and read this :).
Thanks a lot for the tip. We;ve just planned to start a few weekend trips in the Dales and Coldspring Mill is so conveniently in the way :).