Thursday, March 06, 2008

Noro again

I bought this yarn on sale last year, and decided to make it into a quick knit.
It is Noro Silver Thaw - lovely, nice and soft and I only used a bit under 10 balls.
The pattern is all mine - I've applied my Universal Method of Designing a Simple Size M Sweater : if it's going to be knit on 4.5 mm needles and has no cables then it's 96 stitches to start with for the ribbing - increased to 106, a bit of raglan shaping later on, and voila:

Disclaimer : If you want to try this at home and it does not quite work, it's all your fault. You should have known better.

When this was almost finished (and supposed to be mine), my daughter decided it's cool enough for her to have it instead, but only if I was to agree to re-shape the neck line so it drops off one shoulder. Have teenagers? Familiar?
This was an easy task - all I had to do was to frog half of the damn thing but hey, who's counting, I've got a happy customer now. And I've been 'repaid'.
Look what she bought me for the Mother's Day - out of her own money from her first weekend job!


Jeanne said...

Very nice sweater - and how nice that you gave it up for your daughter!

knit2gether said...

This is a gorgeous sweater - I'm not surprised your daughter snaffled it! Those flowers she got you are so beautiful.

Panhandle Jane said...

That's beautiful! I love my Silver Thaw sweater, BTW. I think the simple pattern really shows off the beautiful yarn. Your teenager has good taste.