Thursday, April 24, 2008

A very special wine

I'm almost there.

I need to assembly all parts together just to see how it fits - I have a feeling that the sleeves might be a bit short. I want to have it ready for our Easter on Sunday, so everything else is on a (very) slow burner.


Marina said...

Every time I see your Little Rivers, I think I should make an identical twin. But, in my head, I see Little Rivers being blue!

It's beautiful and the cables are eye-popping.

So sad! It's too hot for sweaters over here.

fleegle said...

The beauty of that sweater made me gasp in delight and astonishment. It's magnificent.

Do try some lace!

And you are quite welcome for the yarn translation. I know how difficult it is to see characters but not be able to read them.