Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Easter

We've celebrated Easter yesterday - we are not like everybody else here in England, because we are Orthodox and we operate with a different calendar. It was enough to see what a beautiful day we had for Easter yesterday (as opposed to the catholic Easter day, four weeks ago), to simply know which calendar is God regarding as the true one :).

And this is how it goes in term of food. The main part is painting some boiled eggs in all sorts of colours. This tradition is lost in England so I've ordered my paint in Germany and a good friend of mine sent me the Mercedes of paints. Never had metallic eggs for Easter before but there is a start for everything, right?

You can imagine it took me one good hour at least plus cleaning the kitchen afterwards.
Next was the boeuf salad. This is a traditional dish in Romania and we like it a lot so I've agreed I'll do it.

You start with a mayonnaise. I definitely don't like the Tesco's one, and I don't like using the mixer simply because you lose the connection with the food. So if you want a really special mayonnaise, do it by hand.

It will take a while obviously, in order to sloooowwwly incorporate the oil.
Then you've got to cut the boiled vegetables and the chicken breast into billions of small cubes.

And voila, three hours later, here is the main one:

and the leftovers made a smaller one - with my mom's decoration pattern on top, which used to terrify us when we were kids.

The power of early conditioning.

At this point in time I got fed up with taking pictures, so next we'll go straight into the final phase of the deserts.

They are a special kind of tarts called 'pasca' - one is filled with a custard type of cream, the other with a 'chocolate style' cream.

The pastry was not high enough for the second one but one can only learn for the next time. Otherwise they've been absolutely DIVINE ( you can guess it's not much left today).

The main course, and this was the easiest part : lamb and potatoes.

My diet went completely down the drain. 5000 calories per day, yesterday and today.

And please don't ask anything about the knitting - I am still recovering after all this food...

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Marina said...

You left out the most important thing ... did you get to wear Little Rivers?

Ooo, I love the eggs! Nice and shiney!

The whole meal sounds/looks delicious, especially the tarts.