Friday, November 02, 2007

I've got shelves

It started like this: a few months ago I bought a Rebecca magazine and after a while could not find it anymore, no matter how hard I've tried looking for it.

So, last weekend, in a moment of deep frustration, went in Argos and bought two shelves units which are suppose to organise all the knitting related things that I kept for years on the sofas, under the sofas, in the bathrooms, in huge piles of papers hidden everywhere around the house etc.,etc.

This is 'trying to collect some of the items together in the hall' stage.

This is the 'DIY cursing stage'.

I have to be fair here and rate the Argos furniture and instructuctions way above IKEA's.

I've got the shelves ready now - I wish I wouldn't have deleted the image though. I'll do the upload again on Monday. And everything is on the shelves - obviously all I do all day long is admiring them.

Here, found the picture.

By the way, still did not find the magazine !

Oh, and I'm swatching:

More here:


fluffbuff said...

Gorgeous swatches. And congratulations on getting organized!

fluffbuff said...

me again… just listed a bunch of gorgeous cashmere/silk (65/35) Dk weight yarns.
Maybe you'll be inspired. :)

Silvia said...

Thank you so much for the link, I got inspired up to the point where I bought the last two cones of brown:). It would not be enough for this sweater but I guess it will be plenty for a short sleeve top :). I will keep watching colourmart, I wonder how did I miss it up to now :).

Marijke said...

Well said.