Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stitch markers

Basically I had enough of the improvised stitch markers I am using at the moment. I bought some thin rubber hair bands from Claire's last year and they are sort of ok-ish when knitting wool or cotton but it's a total nightmare using them when knitting mohair yarn as they get totally tangled.
After a lot of frustration I thought I deserve more, so I've started doing some googling in order to buy some proper ones.
The conclusion is there is no way I am going to pay 14 pounds for a set of four, when I need at least three sets for my doillies.
So what's left if not the old Back to DIY.
Research phase : I've asked Angel yarns forum and got all the advice I needed, thank you all.

Here is me, two hours later, in Leeds, in Corn Exchange getting the components.

Prior to this was the trip to Hobby Craft - there is where I bought the tools and the pins from.

And here is the result, this morning.

One single remark for who ever wants to try it: my sticth markers will be ok for thin needles, but the ring is too small for normal knitting (on 4-5 mm needles or bigger).
I've used 7 mm jump rings, 10 mm would have been much better.

And was it cheaper doing then buying them? No way! But it was definitely FUNNIER :) .


Auntie Noo said...

Your stitch markers look great - well done (and sorry to have got you into more craft debt!) If you go on eBay there is usually someone who does a mixed bag of jump rings. I found them invaluable because you then have markers for all types of knitting!!!!! And now you have the tools, the next ones (!) will be cheaper!

Anni said...

Love the stitch markers. I just use boring old safety pins, maybe I ought to try something more exciting.

Badger said...

They look lovely, really special :)