Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shaping the neck in entrelac

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I run into a problem shaping the neck.
How do I continue from here ???

The problem is that the pattern does not say how to achive the same decrease ( as the one in the red circle) on the other side of neck. Should I say again how poorly decribed this pattern is?
I am just going to try to mirror the description for the left side.


Suezq said...


I'm working on the same sweater, though I'm alittle further along than you AND I've run into a part which I need help on too!

For you... I think if you re-attach yarn to the left side and begin with the boxes leaning in the correct direction, you'll be ok.

If you want to email me with more questions please use: with Subject: Entrelac Sweater


Marsha said...

I always had great respect for people who knit.