Monday, February 06, 2006

Hunting for yarns around Halifax

  • For Debbie Bliss I would go in John Lewis. They stock lots of colors and types. The store in Sheffield is pretty good.
  • For anything else than designer wool, I would go in Bradford : Texere Yarns Mill. Visiting the Mill is in itself a great experience - three huge floors packed with all sort of yarns. They stock alpaca, mohair, wool, cotton, basically anything you might imagine. And the people are very nice and helpful.
Texere Yarns Mill

    <>For posh designer yarns visit Attica in Hebden Bridge. We bought two skeins of gorgeous Colinette in order to get Georgia to take up knitting. They stock Noro as well. It is a small shop - but very nice and friendly atmosphere.
Colinnete from Attica
  • I guess ColdSpring Mill is OK for bargains - Ioana found some nice colorful wool for a scarf and here is her progress.

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